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  • High Desert Yogi - Yoga Pose Practice Cards
  • High Desert Yogi - Yoga Pose Cards
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High Desert Yogi

Build a Practice Yoga Cards - Volume II

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These New Yoga sequence cards add on to the first volume of The High Desert Yogi Build a Practice Yoga Cards deck.

This New Yoga Pose Flashcards Deck Includes:

  • 60 NEW Yoga Postures

  • 5 Themed Sequences

  • Alignment Cues & Modifications on Each Yoga Pose Card

  • NEW Morning Meditation Card

  • 3 NEW Breathing Exercises

  • Beginner & Advanced Poses

  • Posture (Asana) Name in Both English & Sanskrit

This is an expansion deck meant to be used in conjunction with the first deck of Build a Practice Yoga Cards,  and every Yoga pose flashcard card is numbered and categorized, starting from #64, where Volume I left off. 

The sequences included in Volume II use some of the foundational poses included only in the first deck. Every Yoga & Mediation card also has a "II" in the right bottom corner so that after your at home or studio practice when you're ready to clean up, it's easy to differentiate between the decks!

Yoga Teacher Developed. Imported.