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  • Semi-precious stone bracelet with Sunstone, Mother of Pearl, Amazonite & Quartz.
  • Lotus and Luna Bracelets featuring 4mm bead healing gemstones.
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Lotus and Luna

Energy + Imagination 4mm Healing Bracelet

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This real healing stone bracelet from Lotus and Luna Jewelry is made with an adjustable cotton cord, a coconut shell clasp closure, lots of positive vibes and features semi-precious stones; Sunstone, Mother of Pearl, Amazonite & Quartz.

  • Gemstones and Their Meanings:

  • Sunstone is known to increase energy, uplift the mood, improve relationships, overcome negativity and boost leadership skills.

  • Amazonite is known to promote clarity and self-love.

  • Quartz amplifies the energies of all other healing stones around it.

  • Mother of Pearl sparks imagination and is known to symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Lotus and Luna bracelets are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans. 

Colors: Peach, Aqua Blue, Mauve. Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus. Semi precious stone beads measure approximately 4mm.