The Organic Skin Co Vegan Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Reveal Your Radiant Skin with The Organic Skin Co!

a woman spraying rosewater toner on her face

As a life long lover and user of skincare and beauty products I am always anxious to get my hands on the newest and latest brands!

Recently while I was perusing the beauty aisle at my local natural foods store I came across a line of organic skincare products from New Zealand. In a row of dozens of other natural and organic skincare brands The Organic Skin Co.'s sturdy yet elegantly packaged products jumped out at me!


Does Vegan Skincare for Sensitive Skin Exist?

As an avid skincare lover, yet someone who suffers from very sensitive skin, as soon as I tried "The Organic Skin Co" products, I was hooked!

I sprayed a little of The Organic Skin Co. Set the Tone Rose Mist Toner on my hand, it smelled just like a fresh flower garden, yet not overpowering and the back of my hand instantly felt smooth and hydrated. Even my Hubby noticed the difference when I asked him to compare that hand to the other, he found the scent intoxicating!

I then tried a few pumps of The "Vitamin Sea" Facial Serum. More like a creamy lotion texture vs a liquid serum that you might expect given the name, Vitamin Sea wasn't oily and it absorbed instantly! After a bit more shopping, I was surprised to find that my hand still felt soft and I had no stingy sensation as I often do with Vitamin C containing skincare products.

 a bottle of vitamin sea face serum sitting on a table

So what is The Organic Skincare Co. about?

Not one for impulse buying, I did a little research on the Company and found that The Organic Skincare Company uses a CO2 Extraction technique when making their vegan skincare products to get the most potent available ingredients. Plus their ingredients are cruelty-free, non-gmo, certified organic and regeneratively farmed. The Organic Skincare Co uses recyclable and upcyclable packaging and plants one tree for every product purchased!

The Organic Skincare Co was developed by Megan Douglas, one-time model and fashion designer who is now a naturopath (someone that treats and heals health ailments and conditions using holistic modalities) entrepreneur and fifth generation medicinal herbalist.

Which Organic Skincare Products Should I Start With?

After reading about what the Company was all about, I focused on starting off with four products in The Organic Skincare Co product line: The Vitamin Sea Serum, Dream Cream Moisturizer, Set the Tone Face Mist and Task Force Nine Calming Cream.

A woman applying Organic Skin Co Dream Cream to her cheek

For the two weeks I have been using a combination of four of the Organic Skin Co. products and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results which I noticed almost immediately! My face has been all around smoother and well hydrated even after washing, and the terrible flaky dryness I had been experiencing over the past year on my forehead and cheeks is gone!

My daily routine is super simple; I have been using a combination of 2-4 of the Organic Skin Co. skincare products daily depending on the amount of time I have before rushing out of the house as well as what I feel my skin needs that day.

I always start with the "Set the Tone" Hydrating Rose Mist Toner which I spray on my face and neck and even my dry elbows and knees. I love face mists for their ability to quickly perk me up! I then follow that with The "Vitamin Sea" New Zealand Marine and Vitamin C Serum, applying 4 pumps to my face and neck. I then follow that with my usual powder foundation or if I need a little extra moisture I apply a small scoop of the "Dream Cream" age managing moisturizer first all over my face concentrating on my forehead and cheeks prior to applying my foundation. 

The Organic Skin Co. "Task Force Nine" Aloe Calming Cream with Turmeric and Caledula goes with me everywhere!

The Organic Skin Co. Task Force Nine Aloe Calming Cream Tube

It comes in a super portable tube with an included wood tube squeezer. Task Force Nine gets its name from the cream's blend of nine powerhouse botanical ingredients including Honeysuckle, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorne and Sweet Orange Oil. I have literally used this not only on my face but my dry heels, elbows knees and even lips!  It is an all-around super soothing lightweight cream that absorbs quickly yet, keeps dry patches hydrated.

Where can I buy The Organic Skin Co Products?

The Organic Skin Co is available at stores or purchase online at Elle and Willow, a woman owned company that focuses on providing customers with a curated collection of sustainable beauty and fashion brands with a mission.

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